Friday, February 27, 2009

Psychic Abilities, Telepathy

2009 movies:

* Push (Feb. 6). What's it about? Teens with mental superpowers (like telekinesis and clairvoyance) flee from a secret organization that wants to exploit them. Luckily, they wind up in Hong Kong, where cool fight scenes just naturally happen.

* Race To Witch Mountain (March 13). What's it about? A reboot of the classic old series, where a cab-driver (The Rock) picks up two telekinetic kids who have to get back to their spaceship before the government (and a Master Chief-looking guy) hunt them down.

* Knowing (March 20). What's it about? Nic Cage is a guy whose son digs up a time capsule that includes some mysterious numbers which some kid wrote down in the 1950s. They predict every disaster that's ever happened — including some doozies that are on the way.

Paranormal abilities, functions: Hypnotism and mesmerism fantastically considered; psychic vampirism; creation by thought power; psychometry; telepathy, mind reading; telekinesis, teleportation; will control of others; clairvoyance; sympathetic relations; movement in astral body; ability to transform body; psychic battles


* Anne Adolph, Arqtiq: A Atory of the Marvels of the North Pole (Self-published; Hanford, Calif., 1899). Lost race of telepathic people who love at the North Pole; all turns out to be a dream.

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