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SF authors born 1884-93: 1889

1. Miles J. Breuer


Miles J. Breuer (1889-1947)

US medical doctor, born in Chicago of Czechoslovak descent. In the SF field he is noted for his exceptionally fine short stories in the early 1930s.

Miles John Breuer, a U.S. doctor by trade, is better known to science fiction aficionadoes as a writer for many pulp magazines, including Amazing Stories and Argosy. His best known works are his story "The Gostak and the Doshes," and his collaborative work with Jack Williamson, including The Birth of a New Republic.

John Clute described his work as crudely written, but intelligent and noted for new ideas.

* "The Man with the Strange Head" (Amazing Stories, January 1927). First appearance in Amazing Stories.

Notable stories include:

* "The Appendix and the Spectacles" (Amazing Stories, December 1928)
* "The Gostak and the Doshes" (Amazing Stories, March 1930)
* "The Fitzgerald Contraction" (Science Wonder, January 1930)

His most famous work:

* Paradise and Iron (Amazing Stories Quarterly, Summer 1930)


* "A Baby on Neptune" (Amazing Stories, December 1929) with Clare W. Harris
* "The Girl from Mars" (SF Series No. 1, 1929) with Jack Williamson
* "The Birth of a New Republic" (1931, Amazing Stories Quarterly, Winter 1930) with Jack Williamson

* Rays and Men (1929)
* The Captured Cross-Section (1929)
* Buried Treasure (1929)
* The Book of Worlds (1929)
* The Hungry Guinea Pig (1930)
* The Driving Power (1930)
* The Time Valve (1930)
* The Inferiority Complex (1930)
* A Problem in Communication (1930)
* The Demons of Rhadi-Mu (1931)
* On Board the Martian Liner (1931)
* The Time Flight (1931)
* The Einstein See-Saw (1932) [as by Miles J. Breuer ]
* Mechanocracy (1932)
* The Perfect Planet (1932)
* The Finger of the Past (1932)
* The Strength of the Week (1933)

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